Arts And Culture

Northfield's Arts Antique shops and artist studios dot the local landscape and the individual descriptions found under "Shops and Galleries" indicate whether they are open on either a regular, seasonal or 'by appointment' basis. Many artists exhibit their work locally at area galleries, in public buildings such as libraries, or in local restaurants. Each of our towns has one or more traditional 'country stores' where you can purchase life's necessities, get a cup of great coffee, sample delicious home-made baked goods and catch up on the local goings on!

The presence of numerous prestigious colleges, secondary and elementary schools that attract students and parents from all over the world has contributed greatly to the development of a lively art and entertainment scene in the Pioneer Valley. Each weekend there are plays, exhibits, music and theater performances, gallery shows and festivals in local town halls, taverns and concert halls. From traditional to avant-garde, art, fine crafts and culture abound here.